Jesus Entrepreneur

June 07, 2015

Talk 1: Add
Talk 2: Subtract
Talk 3: Multiply

GOD wants your life to serve others.

You can actually do that through a business.

But some religious people look down at business.  Because in their mind, business is simply about money. So these religious folks would prefer that you remain in your job and just focus on going to Heaven.

But following Jesus isn’t just about going to Heaven.  That’s a selfish spirituality. Following Jesus is about dying on the cross so that others may live.

I believe that one of the ways of dying on the cross for others is by becoming an Entrepreneur.

After all, Jesus was a Businessman.


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Jesus was a Businessman. Jesus spent 17 years of his life running his business and only 3 years running his ministry. He spent more time as a Businessman than as a Minister.

By being an entrepreneur for 17 years, Jesus sanctified business. Manufacturing is holy. Marketing is holy. Accounting is holy. Selling is holy. Earning a profit is holy. Are you in business? Or do you want to be in business? There’s nothing to be ashamed of that.

This series will introduce you to a new way of thinking about business that is very DIFFERENT from what you hear from the pulpit. This series will teach you God’s business theory. This series will teach you that your business should serve God, not money. And this series will teach you that when you serve first, the money will follow.

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