What is the Feast Light?

The Feast Light is a small gathering of friends who want to receive spiritual nourishment from the series of talks recorded from a live audience at The Feast. The Feast is a weekly gathering of the Light of Jesus Family.

The Feast Light is a spiritual nourishment to help the viewer live a more fulfilling life.

The Feast Light is a small group of people (from 10 to 50 people) who gather in their homes or offices, pray together, share together, and watch and listen to God’s Word via a video each week. (Yes, you don’t have to preach; I or another preacher will do that for your group via video.) After watching with your friends or office-mates, you can have a short sharing. We are sure that the topics will bless each one of you in a particular way. We encourage you to invite your friends and share the message for the week.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to empower 1 Million Disciple Makers who can Disciple 1 Million Disciple Makers.

Our Vision

Together, as a family, the Feast Light shares the same Vision of Light of Jesus by planting 100,000 Feasts all throughout the World through Multiplication.

And as one, we believe achieving the Vision can be done by strengthening and equipping Planters.

The Feast

On August 3, 1997, Bro. Bo established The Feast, a Sunday prayer gathering with Holy Mass, lively worship, and series of talks on practical Christian Living.

In 2009, Bro. Bo, following leading from the Lord, assigned Feast Builders, well known preachers and authors of spiritual books, who established new Feasts. Today, there are now over 400 Feasts and counting, and what is now known as the Light of Jesus Family already counts more than 20,000 committed members in the Philippines and more in key areas in Asia, Oceania, Middle East, Canada, United States of America, and the Bahamas.

The Light of Jesus Today

Today, the Light of Jesus Family is organized into three Regions, with each Region autonomous from each other. These are Mega Manila, Provincial and International.

Supporting the Chief Presiding Elder (Regional Builder) is a Regional Council, composed of District Builders and Other Builders, appointed by the Regional Builder. The role of the Regional Builder, with the support of the Regional Council, is to set direction and policies, monitoring (through a visitation system), and spiritual leadership and discipline.

Under the regions are Districts that are also autonomous from each other. A District has several live Feasts (headed by a Feast Builder) and Feast Light (headed by a Feast Emissary). Each District has a council composed primarily of the Feast Builders belonging to the District. It is encouraged that each District give tithes of tithes to the Regional Center to be able to support the Region’s expenses, expansion plans and Outreach activities.