“The Church is a field hospital after the battle.”
– Pope Francis

The Feast in your very own place.

It may be your home, your place of work, school, community organization, or a commonplace among acquaintances, sharing God’s Word has been made simpler, easy and practical.

Introducing The Feast Light (formerly The Feast Video), is a weekly gathering of “messy” people sharing stories, a simple meal, and watching life-changing recorded video of The Feast, the live weekly gathering of the Light of Jesus Family.

This Movement of reaching out to the unchurched, gathering in friendship and prayer, led by a “Planter”.

Using the available Light of Jesus enriching and spiritual resources online and via its App (The Feast App), several Feast Light locations have been planted all throughout the world.

Together with Feast Light Coordinators, we will guide, help, and journey with you.

Build a Feast Light Today.

Build a Feast Light Today
Update your Feast Light Information ( FEBRUARY 2021 )

Latest Talk Series:
“Best Preaching Ever”


Do you know why many people are unhappy?

Because they use the measuring stick of the world.

It’s an attractive yet devious thing.

I urge you to throw it away.
And replace it with God’s measuring stick.

Welcome to a new series titled Best Preaching Ever, which is all about the Sermon on the Mount. And the Sermon on the Mount begins with the Beatitudes and continues with so much more. Here’s a fair warning. By the time this series is done, how you understand life will totally change.

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Recent Talk Series

Hangouts: Character

Who is your Idol?
In this talk, we are teaching the young people on how they should have Jesus as a priority in their lives. Activity will include an exchange of their focus from what they are comfortable to serving Jesus.


By Bo Sanchez
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