June 22, 2014

In this series, we’ll ask God to transform your career, your job, your business, your entire Monday to Friday.

Talk 1: Believe
Talk 2: Belong
Talk 3: Best

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If you have a job, this series is for you.
If you have a business, this series is for you as well.
If you’re a student, your work is your studies, and this series is for you.
If you’re a housewife, you’ve got one of the most important jobs in the world—the survival of humanity depends on it—and so this series is for you as well.

Know that whatever you’re doing in your job—whether you’re a seamstress, or a salesman, or sculptor, or scientist—you’re working fulltime for the Lord.

To God, your work is your worship.
By the end of this powerful WOW series, you’ll bless your jobs. You’ll find your voice. You’ll harness your gift. You’ll elevate your results. You’ll anoint your career. You’ll prosper your business. You’ll sanctify your Monday to Friday. And you’ll be able to say, “I’m working fulltime for the Lord.”

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