February 2, 2014

We share with you 4 Laws of Wealth

Talk 1: Worth
Talk 1: Work
Talk 3: Worship
Talk 4: Wisdom

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Are you ready for increase?

We share with you 4 Laws of Wealth
(1) Worth (2) Work (3) Worship (4) Wisdom

Learn to increase your self-worth, increase the quality of your work, to worship your real wealth and receive the gift of balance in this series.

Know that the 4 Laws of Wealth are all connected.

When you raise your self-worth, your net-worth follows too because when you value yourself, you value your work too and when you have a quality in what you do, the quantity of your wealth rises up.

But always remember that your true wealth is what you worship.

Believing that our God will increase the blessings in every aspect of your life is true wisdom.

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