March 2, 2014

100% DETOX

DETOXIFY yourself.

Control your thoughts and actions and you control your feelings.
For emotions are teachers. Emotions are healers.

Talk 1: Toxic Feelings
Talk 2: Toxic Thinkings
Talk 3: Toxic Actings

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Are you ready to be healed?

According to ancient medicine, an illness is simply your body sending you a loud signal that there’s something wrong with your feeling, thinking, and acting. A sickness has one message: Change your life!The disease is telling you– rather painfully– “Change your feeling, thinking, and acting.”

Look around you.

People are sick.

Answer: Because we are poisoning our bodies.

Yes, we poison our bodies by two major poisons: toxic food and toxic feelings.
Feelings or emotions are great servants yet uncontrolled, they become cruel masters.

To go to the real cause of your disease, you need to go deeper—to the emotional toxic overload in your being.

In this amazing series, 100% DETOX will teach you powerful strategies on how you can cleanse your body of this emotional toxic overload.

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