September 12, 2010

Know what you need and what would make you really happy then ask for it. Don't be afraid to ask. God knows the wish you have in your heart.

Talk 1: Divine Discontent
Talk 2: Wake Up Your Wish
Talk 3: Flow in Abundance
Talk 4: Create Your Miracles

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How To Fulfill Your Heart’s Desires

What is your wish? What will make you truly happy?

Another way to answer this question: What is preventing you from being truly happy? Most of the time, what will make us truly happy are things that the eye cannot see.

Find your invisible hunger. Examples? Loving relationships, peace in your heart, a sacred mission fulfilled. Don’t be afraid to ask.

You worship a God who loves to provide for all your needs.

Asking is powerful. So ask from an enlightened heart. Ask for what will give you true happiness.

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