Awaken the Healer in You – Part 2

July 4, 2010

You need to have a healthy lifestyle. Learn to take care of your body, give it the nourishment it needs. Surround yourself with people or things that make you feel better, make you healthy as a person. Most of all, have faith. Have faith that God is with you through this.

Talk 4: Nourishment
Talk 5: Protection
Talk 6: Faith

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6 Keys To Optimal Health

Sometimes – not always – the sickness in our body is connected to the sickness in our soul.

And there’s a related reason: Your body is holy. Every limb, every organ, every bone, and every cell in your body is God’s creation.

Your body is God’s creation. Your body is God’s home address. God live in your body. By caring for your body, you honor God.

Know in this series that you have the power to heal yourself. Because what you feel, you can heal.

If you let your heart be filled with God’s love, it will heal both the soul and the body.

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