The Simple Life

July 12, 2015

Are you sick and tired of the complicated, knotty, and discombobulating life you’re living? Are you sick and tired of the crazy chaos happening around you?  And are you sick and tired of the noise inside you? Are you sick and tired of the endless payments you must make, for stuff that you’ve already used and now need to be replaced?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Do you desire peace?  Contentment?  Simplicity?

Talk 1: Treasure
Talk 2: Time
Talk 3: Toys
Talk 4: Trust

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Do you want to live a simple life?

How do you get to live a simple life?

Simplicity isn’t about externals, about a set of things to do… It’s an inner attitude: about having a CORE (a treasure, a center, our highest value, the most important thing in our life, our security blanket, our identity, our self-worth). In the end, the only thing that can qualify to be our Core is God’s Love for us, because that’s the only thing that’s unshakeable.

From this series, learn how to let go of the man-made complications that burden your life.

Learn to look at what’s in your heart, what you treasure most. Find peace by finding God and listening to His voice. And learn to love and let go of earthly currency and change it to eternal currency.

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