November 28, 2010

Be the best you can ever become. Grow. Develop. Expand. And earn as much as you can! Because you’re not doing this for yourself only. You’re doing it to share. When you return to God, He restores you.

Talk 1: Return
Talk 2: Redefine
Talk 3: Reconcile

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God’s Make All things New

Focus on relationships, not things.
Focus on people, not money.

How you can have strong connections in your life.

“Sometimes, God allows us to hit rock bottom. Sometimes, God allows us to lose our wealth. Our friends. Our health. Our dignity. Why? Because God knows that rock bottom is the birthplace of victory.

Rock Bottom is the starting point of success.

Rock bottom is the genesis of revelation. And if you are somewhere in this place called Rock Bottom, I want you to have hope. Don’t you dare give up.

You’re in doorway of something new in your life.” Remember that we can always get back on our feet and be the best we can be.

God gives us that chance all the time. And when we return to Him, He restores us.

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