Relationship Reborn – Part 1

October 11, 2009

Renew your relationship with all your loved ones. Be grateful for those people for you to accept them for who they are. Spend time with them, that's all it really takes.

Talk 1: Renewal
Talk 2: Gratitude
Talk 3: Time
Talk 4: Service

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7 Ways To Fill The Love Tanks of the People You Love

We all need loving relationships and happy friendships more than any material pleasure or comfort. When our basic needs are met, our spirit longs for relationships more than anything else in the world. But great relationships are hard work.

If we want to grow in love, we can’t do it by just studying about it. Love is a verb. We have to go out there and love. Because here’s the Big Secret for today: Action determines Feelings. That’s why our series, Relationships Reborn, is all about applying what we’re learning right away.

Great Relationships are hard work. It is not always easy, but as you learn to forgive, you learn to love with all you heart

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