August 16, 2009

Problems, trials, obstacles, challenges, worries, troubles, mishaps, whatever you call it, these are not given to you to bring you down. You need to know and believe that problems will always work out for your good.

Talk 1: Father
Talk 2: Leader
Talk 3: Provider
Talk 4: Healer
Talk 5: Defender

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Deepen Your Relationship With God, and Experience Him More In Your Life

Experience God as your Father, your Leader, your Provider, your Healer, and your Defender. God is love. And so reading books about God, researching about Him, discussing about Him, taking courses in school about Him are all good, but they can’t make you know Him. At the end of the day, you get to know Him only by getting into a relationship with Him. That means opening yourself to him and letting Him conquer your life. In this series, by experiencing His love, you will get to truly know him. .

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