God Exposed

March 23, 2014

Experience God more.

Talk 1: See
Talk 2: Hear
Talk 3: Touch

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Have you ever experienced being down and depressed and you felt like nothing’s going right in your life? It’s as if the Lord is nowhere to be found. You are so dry and even in your prayers or in the Feast or in the Mass, you can’t seem to find Him to the point that you even doubt His love for you?

If you’ve experienced that, don’t be too discouraged. It happens to everyone!

In this series we urge you continue searching for Him. Don’t ever think that you mean nothing to God. You are important to Him. He loves you. He too longs to be seen.

Believe that God is not a God who hides. If you can’t find Him, there are only two reasons why. One, maybe you’re not looking for Him. Two, maybe you’re the one hiding.

Continue seeking Him, for those who genuinely seek Him shall find Him. Believe in His love. If you can’t trace His hand, trust His heart.

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