“?” Your Toughest Questions Answered

September 8,, 2013

Life is overflowing with questions. But God is giving us a promise. He said if you seek His will, He’ll guide you. He’ll walk with you. You must know that God’s Will is God’s Love.

Talk 1: How Can I Know God’s Will?
Talk 2: Why Am I Suffering?
Talk 3: How Can I Be Saved?

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Your Toughest Questions Answered

Welcome to our brand new series, Your Toughest Questions Answered.

Life is overflowing with questions. In preparation for this brand new series, Feast attendees were asked to submit their questions during the week.

Amazingly, the most number of questions received were about the main message for the first talk: “How can I know God’s Will?”

Find out the answer in this series.

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