• Side A Side B Talk 1: Severed Head and Hungry Crowd Talk 2: Sinking Feet and Desperate Cries Talk 3: Soiled Lips and Distant Hearts Talk 4: Saved Souls, Crazy Faith Talk 5: Unleavened Bread, False Teachings Talk 6: Unredeemed Lives, Saved Souls Talk 7: Uneasy Hearts, Unlightened Minds Talk 8: Faith and Doubt Available in High Res Video Files
  • OG Tales

    OG Tales Talk 1: The Story of the Sower Talk 2: Story of the Weeds & Wheat Talk 3: Story of the Treasure and the Pearl Talk 4: Story of the Mustard Seed and Yeast Available in High Res Video Files
  • Rhythms of Grace Talk 1: A Hammer That Heals Talk 2: A Road That Gives Rest Talk 3: A Lord That Acts Talk 4: The Lord That Saves Talk 5: A Demand That Reveals Available in High Res Video Files
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