When given the opportunity, people will surprise and amaze you with their resilience even when faced with persecution. Much can be said about us Christians and our Faith. This is the story of one of our Brothers working in Saudi Arabia, where the practice of our Faith is not allowed. All my family members are servants of the Feast Bacoor, which I always attend whenever I went back home for my annual vacation. In 2013, during my vacation, my wife and some of our friends from the Feast asked me if it were possible for me to establish as feast video in Saudi Arabia, although they already knew that we are secretly celebrating Mass service for the Catholic community in our area. I was hesitant then, thinking no one would be interested to attend it and I am not capable of establishing the fest video. When I went back to work, I still brought back with me the Novena to God’s Love booklets, Rosaries, Rosary guides, Bibles, Handbooks and Teseras for the Legion of Mary, etc. All these religious items went through the customs X-ray machine. I knew then that God is with me always, that is why these items never showed up in the machine when viewed by the Arab custom police. The next year 2014, during my annual vacation; I clearly remembered it because it was our 23rd wedding anniversary, during the Feast Bacoor celebration, the preacher spoke about the feast video. Suddenly a message came to me, telling me, “Let the Light of Jesus shine through the Legion of Mary”.  This message became embedded in my mind and in my heart. I know it was a message from God, so I prayed hard to Him that he guide me all the way and let His will be done, as I could establish this feast video for His greater glory.  When I returned back to Saudi Arabia, I again brought with me several Novena to God’s love booklets together with other religious items which again got through the customs X-ray machine. In our Presidium meeting, I discussed with my fellow Legionaries about the Feast video and its relevance on how it could help us our main task of Self Sanctification and Sanctification of others. I told them that the main purpose and task of the Feast is to create disciples and that the feast video could help us understand the words of God more, be blessed and be a blessing to others. This planning went on from July to August 2014. But then, our television which was still picture tube type broke down. It’s picture became the same color as the character in the movie “AVATAR”. Somehow in my heart , something was telling me this will not stop me from launching the feast video. I prayed hard again to God, that he should help us find a way to get a new TV for the launching of our Feast Video. Then, on the first week of September, 2014, two of my room mates were still […]

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