RESBACK: You’re God’s Greatest Comeback!

You are God’s beloved child, in whom He is well pleased! Please come and join us at this year’s FEAST LIGHT DIGICON entitled RESBACK: You are God’s Greatest Comeback! Happening on October 16 and 23, 2021. Yes! Two (2) consecutive Saturdays, 8:00 PM (PST) via ZOOM and FACEBOOK LIVE. We believe God is so excited and pleased in meeting you at this wonderful event!

We are also delighted to mention that the two (2) Saturdays will be filled with “Seasons and Episodes” – great stories about God’s invitation on how we should rest, entrust, surrender, and the wisdom-full, holy spirit-filled, and courageous heart to come back to our mission, that we are anointed to act. So, please come, enjoy, be relaxed, and be very blessed as we excitedly await the experience of Seasons and Episodes stored for all of us!

Yes, added to the excitement is the line-up of speakers and guests this year that we’re sure you’re going to love. This annual gathering of planters gives you a chance to reunite and share best practices amongst each other.

This event has a PARTICIPATION FEE amounting to Php 300.00. [Please see payment instruction below.]

To register, kindly click the link below, and fill out all the information needed. Upon your registration and payment, a ZOOM LINK will be sent to you before the big day of the event. Also, we would like to ask for your Facebook (FB) Account (link; a must to be encoded in the registration sheet as herein the link provided), so you can be immediately placed/added (after payment) in the RESBACK FB closed account group, we will broadcast at this FB Group in the big day. We are excited to see you there!